Yup, that’s right. Banning together in a room full of 70+ hackers, three of our Launch Academy companies joined forces to kill the competition at the largest mobile app hackathon ever this weekend.

You can do it with Twitter, with Facebook, and even with LinkedIn, but have you ever tried to schedule your Instagram photos ahead of time? Probably not—because you can’t. Until now.

Yessir, Launch Academy’s MapDash, Thinkific, and Picatic friends Ian MacKinnon, Roger Patterson, Matt Smith, Cindy Chen, and Zach Belford have come up with a solution: Latergram–and it’s this app that won them the grand prize at AngelHack’s mobile app hackathon this weekend.

Latergram enables you to plan and optimize your social spread in advance (think: HootSuite for Instagram). Held at the SAP Vancouver office, our team hacked away throughout the weekend to win a two-week trip to San Francisco and 10 weeks of mentorship in the coming months.

Honourable mention also went to our other member Craig Slagel of Leaping Coyote for his team SpheroSeek’s app that allows you to control a Sphero ball through any Bluetooth LE device.

Naturally, we have some serious hustlers here at LA, so of course some of our members also had a hand in the event organization. Picatic spearheaded the Vancouver coordination alongside VenueSpot and Lighthouse Labs, knocking it out of the park by selling out at lightning speed (with over 70 people on the waitlist). And if you were one of many who didn’t get a chance to register, they have some good news:

They’ll be hosting another hackathon in Spring 2014.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, a huge congrats to our MapDash, Thinkific, Picatic, and Leaping Coyote peeps—here’s hoping you remember us when you become rich and famous 😉