Canada is a perfect landing pad for many businesses around the world who are looking to expand their businesses to North America. Launch is a designated organization of the Canadian Government’s Startup Visa Program and a designated referral partner for the Global Talent Stream program.

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Our programs are designed to help emerging tech companies expand their business to North America while helping entrepreneurs find the best path to success for their team and families through the Canadian government’s Startup Visa, Express Entry, Provincial Nomination, or Global Talent Stream programs.


Fast-Track Your Startup’s Global Expansion Journey

6 Months

Maple Express is designed to fast-track your startup’s global expansion journey, offering foundational support for expanding your business in Canada.

Get access to AMAs, webinars, exclusive workshops, legal, immigration and accounting support along with startup perks valued at $700,000 to help you in your expansion.

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Build a Strong Foundation for Your Startup in Canada

12 Months

Maple Premium provides an extensive platform for startups aiming for international expansion, providing additional time and flexibility.

In addition to Maple Express, get guidance for your fundraising process, business matchmaking and exclusive networking events to ensure a smooth transition for your team and families.

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Transform Your Startup Idea into a Thriving Business

12 Months

Heli is designed for startups in the ideation stage, tailoring our programming framework to meet the specific needs of early-stage founders.

The program includes targeted support for developing and refining your startup ideas, empowering you to transform innovative concepts into successful international businesses.

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Designated Org Canada Startup Visa

Launch is Canadian government’s designated business accelerator and incubator organization approved to support international businesses through the Startup Visa Program.

Letter of support will be provided once you are accepted into any of our programs Maple Express, Maple Premium or Heli and have met all required deliverables.


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Isheanesu Doro

“As a solo founder, I reached a point where I was looking for knowledge as well as the right skillset to grow a startup into a successful business. I cannot attach any value to what I have been benefiting from the Maple program this far and the help I received to be able to take my business to the next stage.”

Isheanesu Doro, Founder at Drimkoe

“Launch really feels like a community. When I joined the Maple program, it really felt like I had some people that would care about me if anything happens. All the resources and sessions they had helped make our move much easier and took the load off our minds.”

Joshua Rabanne, CEO & Co-Founder at Laundrx
“Launch is a fast track to Vancouver’s Tech community. You can meet founders going through the same type of challenges and having similars goals. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to build a community on your own but Launch helped us do it easily and faster, and not having to worry about it.”
Igor Debatur, Founder at UploadCare

“While deciding on which incubator I should choose, I found out that Maple has a comprehensive and very well-organized program. Launch promoters also have startup experience so they can have an input in how the startup program will operate and what the journey of a startup would be.”

Aleem Shaikh, Founder & CEO at ShopprOne


Some of the world’s finest tech companies started their journey at Launch and many new companies join us each year through our various programs.

Our rich alumni network consists of businesses such as Thinkific, Flutterwave, Bloombase, Later, SmartArm, Local Adventures and many more!

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Is Canada the New Economic Gateway to the US for Entrepreneurs?

“For entrepreneurs looking to scale their business globally, Canada is an often overlooked but an easier option when trying to expand into the US.”


Canadas SUV Advantages

The Canadian Advantage For Startups Looking to Scale Globally

“Canada’s startup visa program is designed for international founders who have the potential to build or expand their businesses in Canada.”

Cofounders Beta

Cofounders Beta

Top 100 Startup Accelerators, Incubators, and Programs in Canada

“#9. Launch Academy: Launch is one of Vancouver’s top premier startup incubators & accelerators helping Canadian tech at every stage.”

The Times of India

The Times of India

Canada’s Startup Visa Program Now Offers More Flexibility…

“Ray Walia, CEO, Launch, a designated incubator and accelerator illustrates how the flexibility of an open-work permit could help.”

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