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Launch Builders Meetup

Our next Launch Builders Meetup is scheduled for Sept. 20, 2023 at Microsoft, Vancouver where you can see demos of some of the best new products coming out of Vancouver. This is also a great opportunity to network and make valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs, product folks and enthusiasts over some pizza and drinks! Launch Builders Meetup is presented by Launch, Microsoft Vancouver & Smythe. Get Tickets Here.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to immerse yourself in a community of like-minded individuals, get exclusive access to our network of investors, partners, founders, mentors, and resources by joining our incubator program, LaunchPad.

Launch Builders Meetup

Media & Events

Launch’s CEO Ray Walia compiled a list of ‘Vancouver’s Top Tech Meetups & Events: The Ultimate Networking List‘. If you are in the tech industry in Vancouver, you know that “it all starts with that one first conversation.”

Explore Syed Ahmed’s transformative journey from a fresh-faced entrepreneur to the driving force behind OnTraccr, a game-changing PropTech startup in our latest episode of Founder Journey podcast.

Andy Chiang’s Foreign Founders Podcast featured Launch Academy and Canada’s new Tech Talent Strategy with 6 new initiatives including a 3-year open work permit for startup visa applicants, STEM-specific Express Entry draws & work permits for H-1B visa holders.

Canada has been ranked as the top destination for international startup founders by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s (OECD) 2023 Migration Policy Debates report.

1. Vancouver’s Ultimate Networking List, 2. Founder Journey with Syed Ahmed 3. Foreign Founders Podcast, 3. OECD Report

Member & Alumni Milestones

We love celebrating the successes of our community members.

  • Congratulations to our Maple alumni Turgay Birand for receiving his Canadian Citizenship! Turgay is the founder and former CEO of Edition Guard securing a successful exit last year.
  • With generative AI powering dozens of BC companies, see how Launch alumni company Copilot AI and our Captain Rob Goehring’s company Wisr AI are making the most of it in this article by Business In Vancouver.
  • Launch portfolio companies OnTraccrLegit App and GameOn have been featured in Canada Venture’s ‘Vancouver’s Tech Renaissance:15 Mobile Startups Setting Trends‘.
  • Our Maple alumni Local Adventures continue their remarkable digital transformation journey by harnessing the power of GPT technology and deploying their own chatbot which now handles 70% of their total traffic offering personalized and effective solutions.
  • Our Maple company SuppliersCave had the opportunity to showcase their company at the Global Tech Summit in Toronto. SuppliersCave is a platform to connect suppliers & buyers of industrial products & services.

These represent just a glimpse of the noteworthy milestones and accomplishments that have shaped our recent path. As we continue our journey, we eagerly anticipate bringing you more narratives of innovation, teamwork, and progress. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected for further updates from Launch!

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