Six Demos Unveiled: A Peek into Our Latest Launch Builders Meetup

On January 24, 2024, tech enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs gathered once again at Microsoft Vancouver for yet another sell-out edition of the Launch Builders Meetup.

Launch Builders Meetup provided a platform for Vancouver’s tech builders and entrepreneurs to exhibit their latest products and connect with like-minded individuals. Boasting six dynamic presenters, the event offered attendees an exclusive glimpse into the future of technology.

Presented by Launch, Microsoft Vancouver, and Smythe, the event featured a diverse community with a shared interest in innovative technology and product development.

Launch Builders January 24 2024

Spotlight on Presenters

Six shortlisted presenters unveiled their products, showcasing innovation in action.

Joseph Lee, Supademo: Founder and CEO of Supademo, Joseph Lee showcased a product that has assisted nearly 10,000 individuals in 75+ companies since its launch in 2023. Supademo, using AI technology, enables the creation of beautifully interactive product demos and guides.

Cory Brandolini and Jaime Bueza, Co-founder & CEO of, Cory Brandolini and Senior Software Engineer Jaime Bueza presented, an Application General Intelligence Platform.

The platform empowers software developers to gain deeper insights into their applications and teams, continuously learning and providing actionable knowledge.

Launch Builders Meetup, Jan 24, 2024

Andrew Walsh, OpenAPI DevTools: With a diverse background, Andrew Walsh presented OpenAPI DevTools, a product aimed at improving developer productivity by creating API specifications for any app or website.

Verity King, Verity King, co-founder of, introduced, an AI-based recommendation engine that matches drink pairings to food. For consumers, it seamlessly integrates with platforms like DoorDash or UberEats, while businesses benefit from powerful SaaS analytics.

Raphael Tissot, Raphael Tissot, a 3x startup founder, presented, a no-code platform allowing users to create their AI version within 3 minutes. Your Official AI becomes the unique representative online, sharing your stories and experiences.

Arnab Deka, Metacast Inc: Arnab Deka, CTO and co-founder of Metacast, introduced the Metacast app, a fresh perspective on podcasting. The app, currently in closed beta, reflects the team’s extensive experience in Big Tech, blending innovation and passion for podcasting.

The event wasn’t just about presentations; it fostered engaging discussions, valuable feedback, and active participation. Attendees seized the opportunity to connect and network over pizza and drinks, creating an atmosphere buzzing with collective enthusiasm for innovation.

Launch Builders Will be Back in March 2024!

Launch Builders Meetup will return on March 27, 2024! Early-bird and general admission tickets will be available soon. Interested in showcasing your products? Apply Here.

Special thanks to Microsoft Vancouver and Smythe for their generous sponsorship, and to Lio Lunesu from Defang for being a gracious co-host.

To all attendees, presenters and volunteers, thank you again for your continuous support. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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