Startups From the UAE, USA, China & Lithuania Join Launch’s Latest Maple Cohort

We’re thrilled to showcase tech startups, from Edtech to Crypto, who have recently joined one of our latest Maple cohorts! Representing the UAE, China, Lithuania, and the US, these companies started their international expansion through the Canadian Startup Visa & Maple Program, and we can’t wait to help them grow and thrive in the North American market. 

The 6 startups are:

  1. Usouler
  2. RentParcel
  3. NovAgri
  4. MonoVM
  5. LowP Technology
  6. Crownhub Pathway Education Services

Usouler is focused on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of optics. It already has a number of proprietary patents in imaging and video technologies.

RentParcel is a virtual real estate for the metaverse. They let virtual property owners list their properties for rental on the app feed.

NovAgri is an Agritech startup that aims to provide indoor farming solutions that improve farming yield and human health by growing pollutant free food all year round, reducing food wastage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Monovm is a 10 years old Web-hosting company providing services such as Bare Metal servers, VPS, Share Web-hosting and Dedicated Web-Hosting to more than 200K clients in 157 countries with a fast growing team of 40 highly skilled employees.

LowP Technology offers a better solution for crypto mining with their chip design service that utilizes their dynamic logic technology, top of the line miner products and MaaS (Mining as a service) offerings. LowP Technology’s goal is to bring more people to mining and lower the risk of mining for their clientele. 

6. Crownhub Pathway Education Services


Crownhub Pathway Education Services is an Edtech solution company that serves to connect international students and global institutions in recruiting quality and viable students into their pool of University population.

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