Smythe LLP and Launch: Fostering Innovation in Vancouver’s Tech Ecosystem

Smythe has been Launch’s partner for over a decade, providing their unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and empowering startups. Since 2008, Smythe LLP, a BC-based accounting firm, has been a pillar of support in Vancouver’s bustling tech community. 

Supporting the Maple Program and LaunchPad Program

With Launch, Smythe’s involvement extends to key programs including the Maple Program and LaunchPad Program

Camellia Ho, Partner, and leader of the Technology Industry Group at Smythe, is actively engaged with the Maple Program initiatives, offering mentorship, workshops, and resources to help international founders and their companies sharpen their business acumen and navigate the challenges of moving business operations to North America. Mentorship is at the core of Smythe’s partnership with Launch. They have provided one-on-one guidance to countless startups, addressing their unique needs and challenges.

Whether it’s financial planning, tax strategies, or how to navigate a merger or acquisition, Smythe is there every step of the way.

Smythe is also an active supporter of the LaunchPad Program, a vital initiative offering tech entrepreneurs a collaborative space within Launch’s diverse network of investors, founders, partners, and mentors. This program acts as a catalyst for startups, equipping them with essential resources and mentorship crucial for navigating the dynamic tech landscape. 

Launch and Smythe share a common commitment to fostering innovation and growth. “We want to contribute to the vibrancy and strength of the tech community right here in Vancouver, so we are committed to supporting the founders, fostering innovation and ultimately creating jobs in our community”, said Camellia. Smythe further supports this mission by sponsoring Launch Builders, providing a platform for community members to present their innovative products and ideas to potential investors.

This collaboration underscores our shared dedication to cultivating a vibrant ecosystem that propels technology and entrepreneurship forward.

Launch Builders Presented by Launch, Microsoft Vancouver & Smythe

Networking at Launch Builders, presented by Launch, Microsoft Vancouver and Smythe LLP

From Idea to Business Exit

“For Smythe it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about forging meaningful partnerships with the visionaries,” said Camellia. In her journey within the tech industry, she has witnessed many local tech entrepreneurs and Launch alumni begin their journey with nothing more than a visionary idea. Smythe continues to support their growth, assisting them throughout their entrepreneurial journey until they reach their business goals or even business exit

Some notable companies in the tech space who have benefited from Smythe’s support include Plenty of Fish and Apply Digital Ltd. These entrepreneurs were able to turn their dreams into thriving businesses putting Vancouver firmly on the global map.

With Plenty of Fish, Smythe worked with the founder, Markus, since the early stages of his company to its remarkable exit in 2015. Markus was able to sell the company in a staggering $575 million USD cash deal.

Apply Digital Ltd. is a Vancouver-based digital innovation company founded in 2016 by Gautam Lohia and Chris Coghlan. Today, Apply Digital is a global powerhouse, with over 600 employees across Canada, the US, LATAM, and Europe. Smythe is proud to have played a role in propelling Apply Digital’s growth and success on the international stage. 

Looking Forward

As we reflect on our decade-long partnership with Smythe, we’re excited about what the future holds. We remain dedicated to fostering innovation, supporting startups, and contributing to the success of Vancouver’s tech ecosystem. Our commitment to the local tech community is stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to see the amazing innovations and accomplishments that lie ahead.