Scale your startup with LaunchPad & AWS Activate

In November, we announced our partnership with Amazon, bringing support and perks to our Launchpad and Maple members. Along with access to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Program, this partnership allows our members to have access to up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits.

Jones Uzan, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect from AWS, joined us recently in Vancouver to run a workshop on raising security posture on AWS infrastructure covering data and security.

Here is what some of our members had to say about the workshop:

AWS Workshop Launch

“The workshop really helped me better understand the security tooling available in AWS, how they interconnect, and how to best configure them across accounts.”

“It was a nice introduction to security on AWS — which is a complicated matter. When we start having a more complicated set-up, it’ll become [very] useful.”

“This workshop covered security best practices on AWS and provided actionable advice. For startups using or looking to use AWS service, it is very helpful.”

If you are a founder looking to scale your startup, you can also get access to exclusive workshops with our partner network, resources and tools with a LaunchPad membership.
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