Launch Builders Meetup Unites Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Launch Builders Meetup held at Microsoft Vancouver on Sept 20, 2023, brought together a diverse group of individuals, all sharing a common passion for latest technology and product development.

Vancouver’s tech builders, innovators and entrepreneurs came together once again for the Launch Builders Meetup presented by Launch, Microsoft Vancouver & Smythe. Held at Microsoft Vancouver on Sept 20, 2023, Launch Builders provided a platform to see demos of some of the best new products coming and mix and mingle with fellow product-loving folks.

With six dynamic presenters showcasing their latest products, attendees were treated to a glimpse of the future. The event not only fostered networking but also encouraged engaging discussions and valuable feedback from participants.

Launch Builders Sept 20, 2023

Presenters at a Glance

Six impressive presenters showcased their innovative products at Launch Builders.

Jon Cowley, Whatifi: Jon Cowley presented Whatifi, a low-code “what if” scenario modeling and simulation technology designed for SMBs and startups. Attendees were intrigued by its potential to simplify business operations.

Anthony Green, OpenRep: Anthony Green introduced OpenRep’s AI-powered social media content generator and scheduler, which garnered interest for its efficiency in content creation.

Jaeyun Noh, Full Metal: Jaeyun Noh presented Full Metal, an alternative to OpenAI that utilizes a distributed network of self-hosted Large Language Models, leaving attendees contemplating its implications for the world of AI.

Regan Zhang, Mendel’s: Regan Zhang shared Mendel’s, a concept that tailors personalized vitamins based on DNA, sparking discussions on the intersection of health and technology.

Viswanadh Keerthi, MagSway: Viswanadh Keerthi showcased MagSway, a super app designed to assist creators and influencers in managing their businesses, leaving attendees inspired.

Sal Rahman, StageKeep: Sal Rahman showed off his dance choreography digital workstation. Ever wanted to coordinate a routine of 10+ people? Now you can!

Attendees played an active role by asking insightful questions and providing valuable feedback to the presenters demonstrating the collective enthusiasm for innovation and collaboration within our community. Guests also got an opportunity to connect and network with peers with shared interests over pizza and drinks.

And…Launch Builders Will be Back!

The success of the Launch Builders Meetup reflects the incredible potential within Vancouver’s tech and innovation community. To that end, we are excited to announce our next Launch Builders Meetup on November 22, 2023. General admission tickets will be available soon. If you would like to demo your product at the next event, you can apply here.

Huge shoutout to Microsoft Vancouver, Smythe and ITS Consulting for their sponsorship, their support was instrumental in making this event a reality. To all who attended, presented, and supported the Launch Builders, thank you. Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events. Until then, keep the innovation and creativity flowing!

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