2022 Year in Review

In 2022, we celebrated many successes: from reaching our 10th year anniversary, to launching over five types of programming. In 2023, we look forward to continue helping Launch companies to grow, welcome new tech founders to Canada, and create more events and content for entrepreneurs.

Join us in looking back at last year’s wins.

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Launch Academy – Primary Launch channel covering news and information about our members, the Vancouver and Canadian ecosystem, and Launch programs and activities.

Twitter: @LaunchAcademyHQ
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Podcast: Bits & Bytes
Podcast: Launch AMA
AngelList: Launch-Academy

Launch Ventures – Launch Ventures owns and operates a network of proprietary accelerators, innovation labs, and investment funds positioned to identify entrepreneurs and technologies that will transform the world we live in.

Twitter: @LaunchVC
Instagram: @Launch.vc
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Podcast: Founder Journey

Traction Conference – Valuable source of information about our international events and webinars featuring high-profile speakers from Silicon Valley, focusing on growth marketing, sales, investments, and scaling and growing your business.

Twitter: @TractionConf_io
LinkedIn: @TractionConf
Facebook: @TractionConf
Youtube: @TractionConf

LandingPad – Primary Launch channel for international companies interested in immigration and expansion and growth of your business into North America through Canada.

Twitter: @LandingPadHQ
Youtube: @LandingPadHQ

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