We are happy to announce another successful Startup Visa landing! Join us in welcoming Turgay Birand CEO of EditionGuard.

Turgay has been a software entrepreneur for almost two decades and has never held a full time job… an entrepreneur down to the bone. Turgay is passionate about creating for the purpose of solving real world problems. His entrepreneurial journey has led him to the success of his current startup EditionGuard. EditionGuard is a software as a service solution, helping those who publish e-books keep their content safe from piracy. Used by self-publishers, governments, major universities and enterprises across 30 countries. EditionGuard has been an established industry leader in the e-book publishing space since 2011.

Turgay is originally from Turkey. He had always perceived Canada as a startup/talent friendly country and embraced the idea of experiencing different countries with his family. North America is one of EditionGuards main markets and Canada seemed like the ideal landing pad for his company and his family.

Turgay is currently hiring and hoping to expand his Vancouver network. Email: [email protected]