These 9 Global Startups From Launch Are Set To Pitch to Over 250 Investors!

Each year multiple startups from all around the world join Launch programs such as Maple (Start-up Visa), LaunchPadLaunch Your Startup, and Liberty. Among these, 9 stand-out companies who are actively fundraising will be showcasing their companies virtually to a room full of investors to vie for intros and investment offers on the spot.

The 9 finalists are:

  1. FoodNotify
  2. Hemista
  3. Holimood
  4. Local Adventures
  5. Rockhopper Studios
  6. Rural Farmers Hub
  7. smartARM
  8. Streemfire
  9. Totem Bear

Registration is open to all levels of investors, angels, and venture capitalists. Startup Founders, community members, friends and family are also welcome to sign up and watch the event as an audience for free, live on November 16th at 11 AM PT. 

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1. FoodNotify — Michael Tawrowsky

FoodNotify’s SaaS solution prevents food waste and brings transparency to the hospitality industry by digitalizing the whole back-of-house processes of restaurant, catering, and hotel businesses. The company’s goal is to support clients in their daily operations and to switch mindless manual processes into an intelligent automated flow.

2. Hemista — Guru Gunasekaran

Hemista is the first of its kind Cross Border Robo Advisor ™ designed especially for immigrants that automates the whole investment advisory process right from assessing the client profile to making the investments in a personalized portfolio. They currently cater to the specific needs of Indian Americans.

3. Holimood — Bill Lau

Holimood provides a SaaS + marketplace all-in-one solution for activities and tour reservation. Their mission is to help merchants to optimize their efficiency and increase sales volume through the innovative service. The company achieved over 9 million USD business volume last year in Hong Kong and is going to expand to the North American market.

4. Local Adventures — Daniel Peña

LocalAdventures makes travel accessible by bundling complex itineraries as one seamless buying experience, and makes them affordable with financial products as “buy now pay later” and “save now, buy later.” The company has been in the LATAM market for over six years, and it has become the most relevant multi-day experience platform in Mexico. Now they are expanding to North America.

5. Rockhopper Studios — Yanira Moguel

Rockhopper is a VR studio developing “Musical Range,” a musical metaverse platform where everyone can be a musician, perform any song they want, and personalize their experience. A sandbox for creators and music lovers, a safe space for musical expression. Founded by a team of engineers, creatives and artists, Rockhopper’s mission is to create high-quality immersive and interactive experiences. 

6. Rural Farmers Hub — Segun Adegun

Guided by satellite-based imagery, Rural Farmers Hub generates data-driven insights on soil, crop, and weather to help farmers improve their yield.

7. SmartARM — Hamayal Choudhry

smartARM develops bionic arms for hand amputees, powered by artificial intelligence. The arm identifies any object or interaction the user intends to make and automatically calculates the best grasp. smartARM is on a mission to empower human autonomy.

8. Streemfire — Niklas Trenkler

Streemfire turns creators into TV broadcasters. They curate the best creator content in relevant interests and turn it into channels for Connected TV. Currently, Streemfire has 35,000 active installs; 5,000 monthly viewing hours and an average retention time of 40 minutes per visitor.

9. Totem bear — Laura Gonzalez

Totem Bear drives technological development with their modular system solution that allows to create all the necessary banking processes to build wonderful financial products, innovating and improving opportunities and growth for their clients.

Sign up and watch the event as an audience for free, live on November 16th at 11 AM PT. 

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