Maple Program & Startup Visa Eligibility

Launch works with companies that already have a product in the market, are financially stable, have already raised funding either internally or externally, and/or already have revenues, and are focused on the expansion of an existing business into North America through Canada. We primarily work with companies in the following emerging tech sectors: ML/AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, Financial Services, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Health Tech, CyberSecurity, and SaaS.

If you’re applying to Maple to be eligible for the Startup Visa Program, make sure you meet the program’s basic requirements first. 


Primary Ownership

Each applicant must individually hold at least 10% and applicants altogether must hold at least 50% of the company’s voting rights.



All applicants must be willing to integrate their business into the Canadian market within 12 months of application.


Language Skills

Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 in English by the time you apply for permanent residency in Canada

We are currently accepting applications for our upcoming Maple cohort.
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Note: As a government requirement of the start up visa program, you will need a letter of support form a designated organization such as Launch. Learn more about Designated Organizations here. This is only an initial application and doesn’t guarantee your acceptance. You can apply more than once if we feel your application isn’t qualified initially. The full list of requirements can be found here. 

Find the answers to some of Maple’s frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by browsing our LandingPad Video Playlist or reading through our FAQ Guide.

Startup Visa FAQs
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