Traction Conf Webinar Series June 2020: Actionable strategies and tactics for supercharging your growth

Traction Conf Webinar Series

Actionable strategies and tactics for supercharging your growth

As with most events in 2020, we had to move our annual Traction Conference, co-hosted by, to a virtual format. Instead of simply hosting an online 2-day event, we broke up the content into weekly bite-sized pieces of content. We’ve welcomed the same top-quality founders, VC’s and other C-Suite experts to share their knowledge and experience on anything from growth, product, team culture, raising capital and so much more.

Here’s a recap of what content you might have missed (but can still watch at any time when you subscribe to our YouTube channel here):

1. Emerging Stronger: Customer Success Lessons from COVID to Rapidly Recover Revenue

The repercussions of COVID have proven it’s time to reconsider the role of Customer Success in your organization. We are no longer just keeping customers happy and/or keeping customers from churning. Customer Success is the profit centre for your company and needs to be treated as such, starting with executive representation, tooling, staffing, training, processes, and the data model. In this webinar Julie Persofsky, Managing Director from Winning by Design took us through the science of Customer Success and lessons learned from the fastest-growing companies during these times to rapidly recover revenue. She discussed:

– The science and data behind real customer success
– How you should be thinking about Customer Success
– Driving operational efficiency and profitability for your company
– Managing customers in a COVID and post-COVID world
– What you need to do to retain and grow your customers right now

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2. Offbeat Growth Tactics for Uncertain Times

Traction hosted tech titan Michele Romanow, a “Dragon” on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den, serial entrepreneur, investor, Top 100 Most Powerful Women, and co-founder of alternative funding company Clearbanc to discuss:

– Customer acquisition tactics
– Keeping your customers happy
– Raising money while preserving your equity
– Hiring & team building without raising further cash

The session was hosted by John Koetsier, Journalist at Forbes and VentureBeat.

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3. The Ultimate SEO Playbook to Monopolize Search

SEO shouldn’t be just about doing keyword research, writing content, and optimizing pages. These are the tactics that anyone with a credit card and access to a keyword research tool can use. We brought in two SEO experts, Eli Schwartz, Growth Consultant and Advisor, and Josh Fechter, Founder at The Product Company, who shared how to use a scaled approach combining product, engineering as well as content to drive massive organic traffic to your website. They went over:

– SEO strategies that truly drive revenue rather than just traffic
– Product-led SEO tips to unlock growth and build a competitive moat that sets you way ahead of the pack.
– How to build long term sustainable SEO
– 3 dead theories about SEO that most marketers still believe
– Why you don’t need to be a slave to review sites
– How to trick Google in 2 easy steps
– How to own the SEO that your competitors wish they had

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4. How to Scale Fast & Reduce Costs with Remote Dev Teams

While conventional wisdom says “pause hiring and conserve cash”, you know that innovating on your product right now will help keep your existing customers happy, which will, in turn, increase word-of-mouth (and keep the lights on!). But how do you do that without breaking the bank?

Some of the highest-performing companies that are ahead of the curve are finding the solution with talented remote dev teams. We discussed:

– How to find the best developers in the world
– Hiring fast, without compromising
– Setting up the right entity structure for remote hires
– Finding Grants and Tax Credits for hiring developers
– Structuring remote contracts and salaries/ pay
– Onboarding remote employee – the first 30 days
– Building a remote team culture
– Setting up the right metrics, tools, and best practices
– Pitfalls to look out for
– How to measure productivity and make adjustments

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