The State of Vancouver and BC’s VR/AR Ecosystem Report

Launch Academy is proud to be a partner to support Dan and Alex’s work on this in-depth report on the state of Vancouver and BC’s VR/AR ecosystem.

This 46-page report maps out the current landscape of the VR/AR ecosystem in Vancouver and BC, highlights industry challenges, and provides policy recommendations for economic development.

Dan and Alex have spent the last 2 years promoting Vancouver and BC as a leading VR/AR ecosystem in the world. This report provides evidence that we have one of the best VR/AR talent pools in the world, incredible homegrown successes, and a massive potential to become the number one place to grow and scale VR/AR companies.

As PwC reported, VR/AR has the potential to deliver a $1.5 trillion boost to the global economy by 2030. It is more important than ever for government and stakeholders to invest in a support infrastructure that will allow us to maintain our global competitiveness. We must continue to cultivate our 40-year legacy in film, VFX, gaming, and technology as the world transitions to new spatial computing platforms.

Congrats to all those involved in creating the first ever baseline report for the VR/AR industry in Canada: Vancouver VR/AR Association, Vancouver Economic Commission and VIFF, project team, Alex Chuang, Dan Burgar, Nancy Basi, James Raymond, Sam Rostum, Claire Campbell, Natalie Walters, Ingrid Valou and those who participated in the survey and interviews.

Download the report in the link below: