Celebrating National Entrepreneurs’ Day 2019 with Launch Academy Members & Alumni

National Entrepreneurs’ Day, first recognized in 2010, is meant to celebrate all of the triumphs and breakthroughs of entrepreneurs in all forms of business. The unofficial holiday is celebrated on the third Tuesday of November each year and we wanted to take the opportunity to share some stories of some Launch Academy members and alumni who have their own unique journeys of entrepreneurship along with some advice they’d give others about the world of startups.

What entrepreneurship means to our members & alumni

Scott Hirsch, Co-founder & CTO of TalentMarketplace 

TalentMarketplace connects Vancouver’s top Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Coordinators directly with employers. The online, self-service platform was launched in December 2016.

Scott on entrepreneurship: “Being an entrepreneur means learning every day, solving problems no one has solved before, and long days of work. It also means complete control, working with my friends and always being happy to go to work. There are huge ups and downs but I’ve always loved riding roller coasters.”

Scott’s words of advice: “Is what you’re building TRULY an MVP? Are you sure? Check again. Get that out first and then worry about everything else.”

Ray Walia, Founder of Launch Academy

Since 2012, Launch Academy has incubated over 700 companies that have collectively raised over $250 million and created more than 2500 jobs. Ray is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in entertainment and technology sectors.

Ray’s words of advice: “Don’t wait to talk to others about your idea. Connect with potential customers, users, suppliers, and other stakeholders in order to gather as much feedback as early as you can to help you validate whether or not your idea is worth pursuing.”

Mohsin Kazi, Founder of Dreambox

Dreambox makes business communications simple though cloud-based voice and SMS APIs. Moshin founded Dreambox in 2011 in Dubai.

Moshin on entrepreneurship: “I like being autonomous to be my own boss, setting my own goals, in short being in charge and in control of everything i do. To do things with a clear vision and tenacity determined to determined to deliver the best outcome/value. The freedom to solve business problems using technology. Most importantly delivering outcomes that are financially successful to all stakeholders.”

Moshin’s words of advice: “Stay hungry, stay foolish and stay persistent.”

So for all you entrepreneurs out there, make sure to acknowledge the hard work you’ve put into your business, recognize your team’s achievements and your colleagues — both past and present — and take a minute or two to offer your own words of advice to other entrepreneurs who might need some help today.