ICYMI: New Ventures ISI Grant Webinar

As a part of our Maple Program at Launch Academy, we connect our member companies with industry advisors and keep them up-to-date on the different local and national opportunities to grow their company in Vancouver, Canada. This includes amazing grants like the New Ventures ISI Grant.

What is the New Ventures ISI* Grant and how does it work?

*ISI = Innovator Skills Initiative Program

We sat down with Rachel Burns from New Ventures BC to talk about how companies in Vancouver and throughout the province can be approved for grants up to $10,000 CAD. In this webinar, Rachel went over the program itself, eligibility and how companies can easily apply and get access to this capital.

Successful ISI Grant applicants receive up to $10,000/ year by hiring a student for a business or tech role.

About Launch Academy’s Maple Program

At Launch Academy in Vancouver, we work with tech companies who are established in their home country and looking to expand into the North American Market. We’ve been a designated organization since 2017 and have been helping companies land in Canada and launch their existing product or service since 2012. We don’t take equity in companies participating in our Maple program, but charge a program fee in exchange for our programming, access to extended resources and ample networking opportunities with Founders and VCs through our exclusive events and webinars.

If you’d like to find out more about Launch Academy’s Maple Program, find out more at maple.launchacademy.ca.