Jason Xu and Justin Wong have been gamers since they can remember, which provides a strong foundation for co-founding a gaming startup. The two founders enjoy organizing video game tournaments, playing competitively against their friends and watching other people play. However, they both came to the realization that something just felt off in the gaming world: none of the tournament platforms were designed by gamers. Jason and Justin wanted to be able to organize, play and watch e-sport from one central hub. Thus, Battlefy was born.


Simultaneously, a new type of pre-accelerator program was getting ready for launch in Vancouver. Launch Academy was just Bloombase at Launch Academybeginning to pioneer its startup space that combined mentorship and education with office amenities. Battlefy was the first company to support Launch Academy after attending the grand opening. Just one month after joining the Launch Academy family, Battlefy had launched their minimum viable product that allowed gamers to organize small tournaments. One thousand gamers and 2 server crashes later, Jason and Justin knew they were on to something. Since this time Battlefy has hit some major milestones on their startup journey. They were one of three winners selected from 30 pitches on Launch Academy’s Demo Day and won the opportunity to pitch to The Alliance of Angels in Seattle. Battlefy was also invited to join the pilot program of GrowLab’s Farm Team and earned $5000, free office space, and exclusive access to GrowLab events.


Battlefy sparked a lot of interest from investors when they pitched in Seattle, and again when they pitched during GrowLab’s Demo Day. They delivered a short, but powerful pitch to a room of 150 investors from Silicon Valley and across Canada. Through their newly-expanded network Battlefy was able to connect with a Los Angeles-based accelerator called Amplify.


Launch Academy would like to first say thank you to the Battlefy team for supporting a new kind of startup space in Vancouver. Secondly, congratulations on their acceptance into the next Amplify LA program! Battlefy’s journey to the top is not over yet but the Vancouver startup community should be proud of, and inspired by, what two gamers who wanted to play awesome competitive video games have accomplished.