This is part of our startup tools series that will feature products and services aimed at helping startups and entrepreneurs. Right now the criteria is that the company is B2B and that the price is reasonable for a startup budget. 

The landing page has a special spot in the heart of most startups. It’s typically the first sign of life of a burgeoning product and can become a vital channel for entrepreneurs to test their product-market fit. But what do you do when the design and copy of your landing page is getting in the way? You might not be knowledgeable enough in those domains to know what helps and what hinders on your landing page.

Unbounce is a product that makes it easy for anyone to design, publish and measure the components of a landing page. Customizable templates make designing the landing page easy and it still looks good. Unbounce hosts the landing page for you – and can even enable A/B testing between two versions of a landing page. By making tweaks to copy and design through the Unbounce WYSIWYG editor, conversion can be optimized for any landing page call-to-action.

The monthly price of their Starter Plan is very startup friendly when you consider that it includes a custom domain and hosting. Launch Academy members receive a special discount on this startup tool and special access to Unbounce team members as part of the Launch Academy mentorship program.

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Photo Credit: Jon Rohan