In today’s day and age, if company’s ignore social media marketing they are limiting their business from reaching the full potential it is capable of achieving. Brands for the People‘s CEO, Andrea Shillington, held an enlightening workshop that guaranteed social media success for small businesses within 90 days. Below is an exclusive insight into the new rules, trends, and social media ingredients for entrepreneurs to deeply rethink their current marketing practices and embrace new procedures for social media success.

In order to best adopt social media channels within your current business practices, it is essential to understand the current online marketing atmosphere, trends, and rules:

The New Rules of Marketing

1) Low Trust

70% of consumers don’t care if a brand disappears.Consumers on a whole, care more about the value that brands and companies hold. To regain your client’s trust it is important to think about the social impact of your company. Answer the question: What is your purpose and how do you hold true to it?

2) More Choices

The paradox of choice: More choice, more things to do, more challenges and more decisions result in more complicated lives. Become the choice that consumers need and want, rather than being a backup plan.

3) Deeper connection

Consumers under 45 are constantly looking to form a deeper connection with the brands and companies they purchase from. A company is no longer just an entity that provides goods and services. For consumers, each company that they associate themselves with becomes part of the consumer’s identity.

Marketing Trends:

1) Mobile Marketing

2) Social Media Engagement

3) Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

4) Cross Channel Integration

Key Marketing Statistics:

78% of consumers trust peer recommendations

97% of consumers use online searches

Only 14% trust advertisements

7 billion people reside on Earth. 4.2 billion people own a toothbrush, 5 billion people own a cellphones.

With the social media rules and trends in mind, here are the ingredients and yields to a successful 90 day social media strategy:

Starting with only 6 keywords and 12 articles you will be able to yield 120 twitter quotes, 60 Facebook posts, 12 Pins for Pinterest, 12 YouTube videos, 12 Email campaigns, 12 blogs, organic content for SEO (search engine optimization) and content for a book.

The 6 keywords that you choose for your business will form the foundation of your SEO, Search Engine Optimization, strategy. Keywords are your connector, creating a relationship between you and your potential target audience. Whenever your prospects search a topic, name, question etc. that is relevant to your business, you want to ensure that the search engine immediately brings up your business. This will keep your business front of mind for your consumers, which will lead to increased clicks, likes, traffic, and sales. To select the best keywords for your business, use the Keyword tool with Google Adwords.

The 6 keywords that you have chosen from Google Adwords will help you write articles and blog posts about your business. Talk about your history, your team, your strategic partners, your milestones and achievements. Consumers want to continously know what you are working towards and if you are achieving your goals. Using the information and data from your articles, you can create quotes that can be tweeted out, pinned on Pinterest, or posted on Facebook.

Here are some more social media ideas that you can implement with the 6 keywords and 12 articles you have:

1) Create a poll or giveaway on Facebook

2) Do a tip of the day or week

3) Highlight your fans or members of your community

4) Ask a question to your followers

5) Share an infographic, photo or image

6) Celebrate a story that brings your brands values to life

Now that you have the rules, ingredients, and ideas to implement your social media strategy there is a four step process that you must follow through with in order to achieve success:

Step 1 : Creation

In this mode, you are searching for the best keywords for your business, and creating ideas that will help you with your social media strategy.

Step 2: Production

In this mode, you are producing the content for the articles and blogs that will later become the foundation for your tweets, Facebook links, pins and Instagram pictures.

Step 3: Outsourcing

Once you have set up all procedures and guidelines for your social media strategy, it is best to outsource it to a 3rd party entity. This way you are able to maintain your social media presence, whilst growing and developing your business.

Step 4: Autopilot

Once your 3rd party is familiar with your social media culture and guidelines, their duty takes responsibility of growing the social media platforms and further expand your businesses marketing tactics.

Using the tips and tricks above, you will be set to creating a successful social media plan! Get Sh!T Done!