This is the first in a series of startups tools posts that will feature products and services aimed at helping startups and entrepreneurs. Right now the criteria is that the company is B2B and that the price is reasonable for a startup budget. 

Did people want better customer service so entrepreneurs and businesses started giving it to them, or did entrepreneurs place more value on great customer service and now people can’t live without it? Whether the chicken or the egg came first, the Internet has given both sides of the table the chance to speak up, for better or for worse.

When you are using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with your customers, HootSuite to coordinate your social networks, and Jira to keep track of bugs it can be very difficult to keep track of, and resolve, customer issues and questions.

Enter Zendesk. It’s software for customer service that allows you to turn customer communication, e.g. an email, into a ticket that can be responded to and tracked in the software. By having all of a customer’s communication in one place, and integrations with the other services you use, Zendesk provides a great, streamlined workflow.

One of the greatest things about Zendesk though is the price: it’s very startup friendly!