11 Local Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

Entrepreneurs Day 2020

Being an entrepreneur is a source of pride, but the word entrepreneurship often varies from person to person. In honour of Entrepreneurs’ Day 2020, we chatted with 11 local entrepreneurs about the stores, businesses, blogs, etc. that they’ve started, as well as what entrepreneurship means to them.

#1 — Freedom

Entrepreneurship to me means freedom, the freedom to pursue your dreams and make a positive impact in today’s world.

Ray Walia, Founder & CEO of Launch VC.

#2 — The Ability to Offer the Highest Quality

Figuring out what you value, what you believe in, so that you can offer that to people at the highest quality.

Sebastian Armstrong, Freelance Content Creator.

#3 — Helping Others Grow & Thrive, Passion

Taking all that I’ve learned, all the skills acquired, and my values and what I believe in, and using all of that to help someone else create a clear path and just help them grow and thrive forward confidently.

Efe Fruci, Founder of Fearless & Empowered.

#4 — Passion Before Money

Putting passion before money. If you truly commit yourself to your passion, money will inevitably follow.

Ben Glasco, Traveling Venture Photographer.

#5 — Providing the Best Solution or Service to Others

It’s taking an idea, passion, or problem and providing the best solution or service to others.

Katreena Tecson, Founder of Perky Buns.

#6 — Bringing Meaning Into Someone Else's Life

Being able to capture the experiences and feelings that I value through products, to bring meaning into someone else’s life.

Esther, Founder of For The Seconds Jewelry.

#7 — Networking & Connecting with Others

Cultivating and connecting others. Networking, and being able to accept new ideas, which will then make your idea or product that much stronger.

Shannon McGuire, Owner of Pendulum Films.

#8 — An Opportunity to Serve & Bless Others

An opportunity to serve and bless others every day by doing something that you’re excited and passionate about.

Lauren Kan, The Passion Collective.

#9 — Courage

To me being an entrepreneur means having the courage to take opportunities into your own hands in order to pursue your ideas.

Grace Choi, UX Designer.

#10 — Bringing Your Personal Vision to Life

It’s bringing your personal vision to life that reflects your own core values and passion. I think any clients in any industry really respond to and appreciate that grassroots touch.

Sean McGarva, Founder of West Of Woodward.

#11 — Doing It Better

Finding a field that you love, and figuring out a way to do it better.

Adam Corneil, CEO of Unbuilders Deconstruction.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.