The Emergence of Vancouver as a Global Tech Hub

Centred around scenic mountains, abundant natural beauty and a world-class standard of living, Vancouver, Canada is much more than a great place to live. Home to some of the world’s most prominent tech companies and talent from around the world, Vancouver has emerged as a new global tech hub. 

Today, tech entrepreneurs from around the world who seek to scale their startups and established businesses globally through North America, consider Vancouver a perfect launchpad.

Statistics Tell the Tale of Vancouver’s Emergence as a Tech Hub

According to the Vancouver Economic Commission, out of 100,000 technology professionals employed in British Columbia, Canada, approximately 75,000 of them work in the city of Vancouver. Vancouver’s position as a prominent emerging tech hub makes the city a magnet for tech experts, which then further supports the creation and growth of even more tech startups. 

The city’s Economic Commission also reports that Vancouver has seen an average recent annual growth in the tech sector of 6 percent each year. Ten thousand plus tech companies that make Vancouver their base earn more than $23 billion in revenue (contributing $15 billion to British Columbia’s GDP).  

Prominent Technology Companies in Vancouver 

Many of the world’s largest tech companies maintain a presence in the city, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Dapper Labs
  • Cisco Systems
  • Samsung
  • SAP
  • Intel
  • Salesforce
  • Lululemon
  • Eventbrite
  • Absolute Software
  • HootSuite
  • D-Wave
  • 1Qbit
  • Slack

Why is Vancouver a Great City for the Tech Industry? 

Vancouver offers many advantages which make the city a great choice of today’s savvy tech startups. 

Canada’s Startup Visa Program

The Startup Visa Program deserves a lot of credit for helping the city become a talent magnet for tech professionals and startups. The program helps talented individuals relocate to Canada by founding job-creating businesses or supporting other aspiring entrepreneurs. Achieving permanent residency in Canada becomes much easier for those who wish to build or support tech businesses in Vancouver, thanks to this program. 

Launch is a designated organization of the Canadian Government’s Startup Visa Program and a designated referral partner for the Global Talent Stream program. Launch’s Maple Program is designed to help emerging tech companies expand their business to North America by helping them identify the best path for immigration for their team and their families through Startup Visa, Express Entry, Provincial Nomination, or Global Talent Stream.

Vancouver is a Part of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor

Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver, British Columbia share similar traits of immense beauty, proximity to Asia, and capabilities that help them lead various economic markets.

Cascadia’s Innovation Corridor, which encompasses the three aforementioned cities, helps to build opportunity and prosperity that will surpass the success each city could achieve individually. The innovation corridor was created to help the west coast region solve challenging problems, to brainstorm ideas that will benefit the region economically and have a global impact. 

Association with Silicon Valley

The proximity along North America’s western coastline to Silicon Valley adds to the region’s attraction. Vancouver’s burgeoning tech industry is constantly benefiting from the northward migration from California’s Silicon Valley, the pioneering tech hub of earlier decades. 

Opportunities for Learning Tech Skills Abound

Future tech leaders can learn the latest in tech skills at high-caliber institutions located in Vancouver. World-class learning facilities ensure the development of a skilled talent pool, poised to support the needs of locally expanding tech companies. Some of the major learning institutions, universities and training centres are located in Canada such as British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and University of British Columbia (UBC), which ranks among the world’s top 25 tech schools.

A Balance of Benefits for Workers and Employers

Compared to typical US income for the same position, tech workers in Canada are paid a bit less at this point. A boon for businesses launching now. Over time, however, both tech business owners and talented tech workers will profit from the industry’s expansion and growth in the Vancouver region.

Tech worker employment security is a benefit in Vancouver. If a tech position with one company doesn’t work out, similar jobs are available at many other area companies.   

Vancouver: “A Fearless Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs”

The BC Tech Association refers to Vancouver’s tech sector as a “fearless ecosystem of entrepreneurs”. Vancouver’s new role as a global tech hub is positively influencing various sectors of the entire community.

The value of any tech industry is the ecosystem that surrounds it. Large companies provide a foundation. Startups attract talent. There is a variety of work for everyone. Ideas multiply when creators congregate. Startups attract more startups.

The benefits of tech industry ecosystems for the communities in which they are located continue to develop. They can help to support a city’s infrastructure. High tech companies often prefer a downtown site. Some may renovate formerly deteriorating, yet unique and historic buildings, contributing to urban revitalization.

People, when clustered within a region, especially those in the habit of dreaming up innovative, high-tech concepts, often make multi-faceted positive impacts on communities.

Vancouver’s Emerging Tech Sector is Poised for Accelerated Growth

According to an article in The Globe and Mail, Vancouver’s emerging tech sector is poised for accelerated growth. Many companies, including a large percentage of high-profile organizations that recently moved to Vancouver, or plan to.

The buzz has begun. Vancouver is a great place to do business. It promises to continue to be a mecca for tech companies and the talent needed to keep those companies humming. 

Vancouver as the Web3 Capital of Canada

With the rapid rise of Web3, Vancouver has yet again found itself at the forefront of it and has evolved as the Web3 capital of Canada. Some of the major companies in the space such as Dapper Labs,, Covalent, GitCoin,, Big Head Club and many others are based in Vancouver and are growing at an exponential rate. 

“We are at the tipping point of a new phase in the web’s evolution, where layers of technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain are drastically improving on what is now possible online. Some early pioneers call it Web3 and it encompasses layers such as crypto, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, AI/ML, cyber security, VR, AR, Metaverse, and so much more”, says Ray Walia, CEO Launch.VC

One of the Largest Digital Media Tech Cluster in the World

Some of the most spectacular digital content is made right here in Vancouver with over 260 companies, 12,000 employees and 2.3 billion annual global sales accounting from the creative tech industry, making it one of the largest animation, VFX, AR/VR/MR, AI/ML and gaming clusters in the world

Visual effects in Vancouver have been seen in mainstream entertainment movies and series such as Jurassic Park, Marvel Movies, Game of Thrones and many others.

This Lost Boys Studios’ documentary refers Vancouver as the ‘Land of Movie Magic’.  

Ready to Expand Your Tech Business in Vancouver?

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