The Journey to Becoming Vancouver’s Top Food Influencer – Emma Choo

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube combined, Emma Choo is the most recognized food blogger in Vancouver! Emma, popularly known as the Vancouver Foodie, sits down with Launch’s Jean Yoon & Sam Chan for the latest episode of Bits & Bytes to share her story behind the #gram.

Emma started food blogging before ‘foodie’ with an ‘ie’ was a trend. She would post food photos on her Instagram account during her final year of high school, and because she was so good at it her friends encouraged her to make a page just for food. She ended up creating a dedicated Instagram profile called @vancouverfoodie which is now one of the most followed food & travel blogs in Canada. 

With a UBC degree in Sociology and a Minor in Law & Society, Emma anticipated a career in law. However, after working for a law firm for a short period of time, she realized that it was not for her. 

“You only have one life to live and you better live it now”, says Emma. While she maintained her account as a hobby throughout her graduation years in university, she eventually made the decision to dive into content creation for @vancouverfoodie full-time. 

A turning point in her career came in 2017 when Emma won the TasteHKG social media competition by Chinese Restaurant Awards. Co-presented with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, TasteHKG offered Canadian social media influencers an opportunity to meet the new visionaries of Chinese cuisine outside of Canada. 

As the winner of the competition and the first Canadian Social Media Ambassador for #TasteHKG, Emma traveled to Hong Kong for a 7-day trip with exclusive insider tastings and tours. She attended meet-and-greets and tastings with gastronomic giants such as Alvin Leung (MasterChef Canada judge) of Bo Innovation: X-Treme Chinese Cuisine, Mok Kit Keung (Chinese Master Chef), Lau Yiu Fai (Chinese Master Chef), and Lee Man Sing from the SCMP 100 Top Tabels’ Mott 32. 

See her full tour of Hong Kong’s top restaurants here

Emma loves engaging with people, and to that end, she is always on the lookout to try new things, whether it is inviting her viewers to join her on taste-tests or inviting them to travel with her and explore various food cuisines in the world. 

You would imagine being an influencer, talking about food, traveling and vlogging would be a cakewalk. However, the reality of being an ‘influencer’ is not as it looks from the outside, explains the Vancouver Foodie, “People see only the good parts, and that is literally our job, to make it seem effortless and pleasant. But what you see is probably 10% of what goes on behind the scenes.” 

Hear more from Emma in the Bits and Bytes Podcast to learn what goes behind the scenes, from producing content and putting in long hours (sometimes for free), to the pressure and responsibilities of being an influencer. 

About Emma Choo


Emma Choo founded Vancouver Foodie in 2013 to combine her two passions, food and compelling visuals. She loves going on food adventures to find hole-in-the-wall restaurants and tasting the best of the best. She has been the social media ambassador for Chinese Restaurant Awards – Taste HKG (2016), Taste PVG / HGH / SZV (2019). Emma has worked for various tourism boards such as Destination British Columbia (HelloBC), Hong Kong Tourism Board, Tourism Vancouver and has been invited as a guest speaker at Google Canada and as a social media judge at the TaiwanFest. 

Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for some drool-worthy content, food reviews & more! 

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