We are excited to announce another successful Startup Visa company has landed at Launch Academy! Join us in welcoming Andrey Lavrov, co-founder of Oco. Andrey, originally from Russia, has spent a lot of his career working in IT and Telecom companies. In 2014 Andrey and Philipp Ryzhkov founded Oco and embarked on their mission to build smart security cameras. Oco originally launched in California and is now making the move to Vancouver to expand their reach in the North American market.

Have you ever wanted to be pinged by your security system if something suspicious is happening, without having to monitor the screens or find out about an incident after the fact? Oco is making it happen with their cloud security cameras, equipped with live streaming, playback abilities and video analytics for both small businesses and residential customers. Their mission is to create the best video surveillance products that are simple to operate and provide useful analytics. Oco is trying to eliminate the need for 24/7 surveillance staff by creating smart motion triggered notifications. They are implementing AI and machine vision technologies to enable smart notifications, based on suspicious behaviour patterns, face recognition, people counting, and integration with POS systems. Oco’s software also provides valuable retail funnel analytics which allow you to quantify the number of people that walk by your store, what percentage enter the store, the percentage of successful sales based on those observations, and more.

Andrey and Philipp decided to move to Canada to tap into a wider talent pool, larger startup community, and government support. With the support of the Startup Visa Program, they saw Canada as an ideal opportunity to keep growing into the North American market.