We are proud to announce another successful Startup Visa landing. Join us in welcoming Luciana Pereira and Taric Andrade, Co-founders of ClickSitter. Luciana and Taric come from a background of impressive careers at Unileve, PepsiCo and KPMG in Brazil. They left the corporate life behind 3 years ago when they launched ClickSitter and have now moved their company and family to Canada through our Maple Startup Visa program!

ClickSitter is a leading mobile application to find and hire pre-qualified babysitters in Brazil. It’s an online hub connecting families with pre-qualified babysitters in their local communities. ClickSitter has a unique and rigorous screening process to find the best babysitters in your neighborhood. Lucianna and Taric are parents, and they know firsthand how hard it is to find quality sitters for their kids, and on top of that, find available sitters in a convenient way. They have worked hard to create a platform designed to offer the best experience for the kids, parents, and babysitters.

Their decision to move ClickSitter to Canada was based on their desire to become part of a mature tech ecosystem where they could test their platform amongst a more diverse community. They see Vancouver as a unique opportunity to validate their startup by tapping into a mix of cultures in Canada before ClickSitter expands to other regions.