We are happy to announce another successful Startup Visa (Maple) landing originally from New York! Join us in welcoming Mezyad AlMasoud, CEO of Flair.

Mezyad AlMasoud is a skilled strategist with a dual master’s degree (MBA/MAM) from Yale University and IE Business School. He has an aptitude for multibillion-dollar funds management and advanced programming with prior professional experience at the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kuwait, BlackRock, and Barclays. Managing larger funds in different continents gave him a unique insight on how financial institutions are earning large margins on pensions and sovereign wealth funds with financial services at effectively no cost. This perspective sparked the solution that is now Flair.

Flair is a sports FinTech startup offering a proprietary financial product that liberates talented people, such as professional athletes and entertainers, from debt burdens and protects them against the probability of post-retirement bankruptcy. North America has always been Flair’s main target market and moving to Canada was a great opportunity to grow in an environment that is welcoming to foreign entrepreneurs.