Launch Referral Program

Launch is always accepting new applications for our Maple and Heli Programs but also has a unique referral program.

Referral Program Details

  • The referred company must identify you as the person who referred them to the Maple or Heli Program.
  • You may refer as many companies as you see fit, there is no limit to the number of referrals.
  • The referral bonus of $250 CAD will be paid out if the requirements are met and verified.
  • Launch team will contact you for further details upon a successful referral.

You may refer companies to our LaunchPad (acceleration) and Launch Your Startup (education) programs, the referral bonus is only applicable for our Maple and Heli Programs.

Entry Requirements

  • Share our Heli or Maple program details with companies that are qualified to apply. See qualification details in the Program details.
  • Remind them to list you as their referred contact in their Maple or Heli application (there is a unique field in the application for this information).
  • Fill in the form below once the company has completed their Maple or Heli application.

Should the company be shortlisted and accepted, we will contact you directly about your referral bonus.

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