TRACTION WEBINAR | Superhuman’s Playbook for Building 10X Products

How do you build products that are 10X better than the competition? It almost always starts with a counterintuitive approach to the conventional.

Superhuman Founder and CEO, Rahul Vohra is one of the rare Founders and product builders with this conviction. He’s building the fastest email experience in the world. Rahul was previously the Founder of Rapportive, acquired by LinkedIn in 2014.

On July 9, Rahul joins us to share his frameworks on Game Design, Customer Onboarding, Product Development, Positioning, and Pricing to retain and delights users.

Specifically, Rahul will share:

– The New Way to Launch: Most product launches are inherently flawed. Rahul breaks down how to do a far superior, measured launch in 4 distinct phases.
– Superhuman’s 6-Step Onboarding Plan: Rahul’s clever technique for getting user feedback, catching bugs, & building customer loyalty.
– To 10x Your Product, Study Game Design: The 5 key product design factors that built Superhuman.
– Pricing Starts With Positioning: The 6-part formula to see what users will pay for your product.


Jul 09 2020


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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