TRACTION WEBINAR | Crafting a High-Functioning Corporate Board

Effective, high functioning boards are rare, but when achieved, contribute enormously to the success of the business, and offer an extremely rewarding personal experience. On the flip side, a poorly run board – of which many are – also contributes enormously but in a much less desirable way.

On July 16, Shawn Abbott, Partner at iNovia Capital, will be joined by Mahendra Ramsinghani, Author of Startup Boards & Business of Venture Capital to give us a masterclass on building high performing boards.

Specifically, they will cover:

– How to find the ‘right’ people and get them in the room
– Diversity on the board
– Managing relationships with the founders and other executives
– How and when to delegate
– Strategizing everyone’s time effectively
– Building a productive culture


Jul 16 2020


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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