The New Rules of Marketing Engagement: Streaming Services & OTT | Chat Series

The rules and methodologies marketers set forth for 2020 are no longer relevant, and for one simple reason: customers and prospects are distracted because they are trying to navigate life in a way they have not experienced.

Children are home full-time, households are filled with family and relationship stress, and people are looking for answers, release, and connection. The marketing rules we’ve known do not apply anymore. Leading companies are writing new rules, and you can learn from their real-time efforts.

Join some of today’s foremost business and marketing leaders as they candidly discuss the challenges we’re all facing, and how they are navigating through it.

Every Tuesday, from April 14 through June 2, you’ll learn how marketing executives on the front line are adjusting their plans and approaches in real-time to reach, engage, convert, and retain their users during this time of uncertainty.

  • Learn the real-world steps marketers are taking to weather the storm of COVID-19, and prepare to come out successful on the other side
  • Get into the weeds on what top companies are doing and executing upon on a daily basis
  • Key takeaways you can apply to your business… now.


May 05 2020


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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