Shape the Future | Shopping in a Digital World: How AR Is Doubling E-Commerce Conversion Rates


> Daniel Beauchamp, Head of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality at Shopify

> Tom Emrich and VP Product at 8th Wall

> Moderated by Amy Peck, Sr. Director of Enterprise Content at HTC


AR and 3D commerce applications are showing vital gains in conversion. Retail is now reckoning with the destruction of the old brick & mortar model. Moving forward, there will be less stores, less foot traffic and an existential question: do we need physical stores at all?

Augmented reality helps bridge some of the physical, in-store experience with digital. When combined with E-Commerce, AR is showing conversion lift, increased cart sizes, greater dwell time on page and higher retention. Sizing products for the home in AR reduces return rates post-purchase. It’s also a technology that is quickly setting new standards with customers. When they see and use it they instantly begin expecting it.

Our last webinar was an interactive Q&A with Unity, Accenture and HTC. We saw an overwhelming amount of engagement from the audience and we want to bring live Q&A forward to increase our community connectivity. Live tweet questions with #retailar and #shapethefuture

This is the perfect opportunity for you to strategize on improving your revenue and eCommerce metrics so RSVP and bring your team along!

James Basnett (Head of Retail, Shape Immersive) will MC and we will start the event with Raffaella Camera (AccentureXR) who will give us a run down of what’s happening in retail AR. We will then tee up our panelists for an hour long conversation.


Jun 11 2020


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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