Future of Cybersecurity | A Discussion on How to Secure Your Data

Mobile and web applications are becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives. We use them to work, we use them to play and naturally more and more of our sensitive and private data is being collected and processed by these new services.

From Equifax and Ashley Madison, to Amazon and recent Instagram cases–governments and private companies are experiencing massive security breaches. These risks affect customers, employees and the general public’s data.

With cyber attacks and phishing schemes increasing and evolving, join us to find out what actually happened with these cases and how cybercriminals are exploiting these systems. Enterprise customers, responding to the increased risk of vulnerable applications, are now requiring their 3rd party suppliers to demonstrate how cyber risk is being managed. Unfortunately, many development teams are either apathetic or unaware of secure development practices and consequently are losing business to companies who take security seriously.

Join us as we host some of Vancouver’s leading cybersecurity expertise for a discussion on the state of application security, digital defence and how developers, companies and business owners alike can protect their businesses sensitive data by securing their applications from hackers.


Oct 25 2018


06:30 PM - 08:00 PM



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