Entrepreneurs For Sustainability 2019

A pass to EN4S will allow you access to a one-month long series of sustainable energy centered events targeted at entrepreneurs with the idea of providing you the tools to grow your own sustainable energy related start-up. You will get the chance to meet like-minded individuals, expand your network, grow a business idea, and more!

The month will be begin with a meet and greet, where you’ll get to know your fellow EN4S participants, and you can start thinking of who might be a great addition to your team. The meet and greet will not only provide you with the opportunity to get to know potential teammates, but it will also offer you the chance to form connections across multiple industries.

As the month progresses, you will be an attendee of numerous other events with multiple different focuses. Some events will be primarily centered around the generation of ideas and establishment of a solid project, while others will be focused on developing skills that will be transferable to a future career or the creation of your own start-up.

The month will wrap up with a hackathon that will put your skills to work and help you to grow more than any other event so far. Along with your teammates, you will have two days to finalize your project idea and formulate a proposal capable of winning over the hearts of our esteemed judges, all professionals in related industries. To help you in doing so, we will have expert mentors available to help you fine-tune your idea and build a sophisticated proposal to present to our judges. There will be prizes to be awarded for your efforts which will help you continue pursuing your small business dreams even after our event has finished.

All in all, we hope you’ll be joining us for a month full of opportunities to network, gain transferable job skills, and receive expert advice about how to continue your journey and grow your own sustainable energy related start-up.


Sep 12 2019 - Oct 13 2019


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