Deconstructing Customers and Cash: Reverse-Engineering Your Road to Revenue

Reverse-Engineering Your Road to Revenue

Which critical steps have you taken to begin selling predictably and in volume? What essential requirements do you still need to put in place? In what order should you start getting things done? And how do you actually do it?

JOIN US June 27th at to undergo your own Revenue-Ready Self-Assessment and learn Volition’s recommended Check-List for Success.

Building a revenue engine from scratch is a daunting task. Building a revenue engine that’s predictable, manageable, scalable, and profitable is an even bigger challenge. And yet the single most critical success factor for any start-up is its ability to sell. Investors know this. Which is why they’re rigorously scrutinizing how close you are to “Revenue-Ready.”

At this Interactive Group Session you will learn:

 A system to make money.
 A system to budget your money-spend.
 A system to help raise money.

And you will walk away with a filled out self-assessment package that you can take action on straight away.


This method has been designed by Volition Advisors, Colin McWhinnie and Chris Stairs. Through years of experience designing proven revenue strategies, this team has developed a practical system for success – the “Minimum Viable Revenue Plan.” This system helps founders learn where they have gaps, and discover how to rapidly formulate a proper, predictable, and consistent revenue plan that will win them customers and cash.


Jun 27 2019


04:30 PM - 06:30 PM

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