AWE Nite Vancouver: AR – an ‘everyday’ tech in the 2020s?

A playful and collaborative night of ideation, discussion and pizza consumption to figure out how we can make AR an ‘everyday’ technology.
About this Event
HELLO-BONJOUR. You’ve made it to a brand new decade. YES, BUDDY!

Your friendly neighbourhood AR/MR industry meet up, AWE Nite Vancouver has a host of awesome events lined up for 2020. But first, our first:

A new decade comes with new expectations, no moreso when it comes to the growth and consumer demands of immersive tech. Augmented and Mixed Reality has trickled into people’s lives in various ways – social media filters, mobile games that invite you to chase imaginary creatures around your city… But how can we – the AR/MR builders, consumers and utilisers – turn it into a truly ‘everyday’ technology?

AWE Nite Vancouver is going to try and answer exactly that.

If you’ve been to one of our events before, you’ll know we like to mix things up, keep things interesting. So you won’t just be sitting there, nodding off as you listen to panellists drone on about something you sort of care about.

What we have for you is a playful and collaborative night of ideation, discussion and pizza consumption – as well as two awesome local companies demoing their latest products (Form Swim, and Dreamcraft Attractions). This event is designed for people with all levels of AR/MR experience, from veteran developers to curious newcomers.


5:30-6:00PM – Get your body through the door and settle in. Pick up some pizza, grab a drink, say hi to someone. Not having a good chat? Say hi to someone else.

6:00-6:15PM – INTRODUCTION – A warm hello-and-welcome from the AWE Nite Vancouver team, as well as a quick rundown of what the evening will entail.

6:15-6:45PM – GUEST DEMOS – Meet two awesome companies based in BC. Let them showcase their latest XR products, blurt out some questions and kick-off a conversation.

– Form Swim (Will Parry, Director of Marketing) – creators of the world’s first AR Swimming Goggles

– Dreamcraft Attractions (Terry Sanderson, Attractions Producer) – purveyors of custom XR tech for theme parks and other visitor attractions.

6:45-7:15PM – IDEATION SESSION – If you haven’t piped up by this time, this is your chance. We’ll facilitate half an hour of collective ideation that will involve using blue sky thinking to connect the infinite possibilities of AR and MR with real world, everyday problems big and small.

Maybe you’ll like what someone else has to say. Maybe you’ll hit them up and get talking some more. Maybe you’ll collaborate on a prototype. Maybe that prototype will turn into a business. Maybe that business will make millions and put Vancouver on the AR map. Maybe…

7:15-8PM: DO WHAT YOU WANT – Try the awesome demos yourself, swap deets with that person you just clicked with during the Ideation Session, or just leave. Some people just like to leave – we ain’t judging.


AWE Nite Vancouver is part of AWE, the world’s #1 XR event series, with a reach of over 250,000 professionals all dedicated to the adoption and growth of augmented reality as the next wave of computing. AWE produces conferences dedicated to XR (AR/VR/MR) in the USA, Europe, Asia and Tel Aviv and hosts AWE Nite events in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin and New York.


Feb 06 2020


05:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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