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Lunch & Learn: How AngelList Can Help You Raise Your Next Round

Learn how to use AngelList to meet angels and raise your next round. AngelList is the world's largest marketplace for startup investing and startup jobs. Join Alex Norman from AngelList Canada as he explains how AngelList Canada and Intros for Canada work, and how best to leverage their power to benefit your startup. There will be a short presentation followed by Q&A.

If you're interested in raising funds, leading a Canadian syndicate or investing in Canada, then this Lunch & Learn is for you!

Alex will share insights on:

  • AngelList's new intro product
  • How AngelList syndicates work and what it takes to successfully raise on AngelList
  • How to search AngelList to identify potential angel investors
  • How to raise money from Angels
  • How to use AngelList to get introduced to hard to reach angels
  • Common fund raising mistakes to avoid (offline and online)