The Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality [ LAUNCH TALK ]

This month’s Launch Talk explored the future of virtual and augmented reality. We invited four Vancouver-based VR and AR experts:

  • Alan Goldman, Adjunct Researcher and Industry Liaison at the S3D Centre at Emily Carr University.
  • Eric Hine, Executive Producer at Archiact VR
  • Kayla Kinnunen, Independent Producer, Designer, and Developer of VR Video Games
  • Wren Handman, Future Scribe, Axiom Zen

To recap, we learned:

  • The future of VR/AR
  • What the research predicts
  • The VR/AR market in Vancouver
  • Whether the content keep up to the hardware
  • What's next for hardware
  • Technical limitations
  • How VR/AR can work for your startup
  • How we can use VR/AR in business

Thank you to our four great panelists and moderator Mack Flavelle, founder of Hammer & Tusk for a night of intriguing conversation.

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