Technology Trends & What to Build with Milun Tesovic [ LAUNCH TALK ]

Technology is constantly evolving. We can go from technologies being a relatively undefined idea, to becoming a daily use item so rapidly, that we are left wondering how we ever functioned without it! As we head into 2017, we invited Milun Tesovic, technology expert, entrepreneur, investor and Partner at Expa, the startup studio whose founder created Uber, to discuss, tech trends to look out for in 2017!

To recap, we learned:

  • Tech trends
  • What to look out for in 2017
  • What to build (and more importantly, what not to build)
  • How tech trends influence investors
  • How entrepreneurs can leverage trends to benefit their startup
  • What key factors investors look for in startups
  • Types of projects that Expa invest in
  • What kind of startups Expa look for and how to get their attention

Thank you Milun for your thoughtful insights, Hussein for moderating the talk, and everyone who came out! Check out the event photos here.