Accelerate Your Tech Startup with Ian Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO of Bench [ LAUNCH TALK ]

This month’s Launch Talk featured Ian Crosby, Co-Founder and CEO of Bench, where he discussed strategies and tactics on how to rapidly grow your tech startup.

Ian has worked as a bookkeeper and a treasurer at various companies and was a management consultant at Bain & Company in Toronto before launching Bench. He’s passionate about steering education toward technology (understanding the dire need for more skilled engineers and designers in this industry) and doesn’t shy away from discussing the future of banking. In January, Ian nabbed top spot on the prestigious Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

To recap, we learned:

  • How to get accepted into top tech accelerators
  • When venture capital should be considered
  • What rapid growth can mean to your business
  • How you don't need to compromise on culture to scale
  • Why failure is necessary and what mistakes you don't want to avoid

Thank you Ian for a great fireside chat!

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