PlentyOfFish's VP Revenue Optimization, Kimberly Kaplan Shares Strategies and Tactics to High Impact Revenue Optimization [LAUNCH TALK]

This month’s Launch Talk featured Kimberly Kaplan of PlentyOfFish. She spoke about revenue optimization, which is the strategic management of pricing, inventory, demand and distribution channels to maximize revenue growth over the long term.

As one of the earliest employees at PlentyOfFish, Kimberly possesses immense insight into the life cycle of a startup and what it takes to grow and emerge as a leader.

With 8 + years with the company, Kimberly’s responsibilities within PlentyOfFish have evolved over time, from business development and monetization to a focus on growth and product development. Kimberly has played a key role in propelling the business forward with over 100 million members which in turn lead to it's acquisition to Match Group for $575 million dollars.

During the 2-hour session, Kimberly shared insights on:

  • Pricing strategies
  • Managing multiple revenue streams—across departments
  • Eliminating ineffective spending and maximizing impact
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer relationship management

We were also joined by Emily Key who moderated the conversation. Emily is a Vancouver-based operations strategist currently running full-throttle as Director of Operations at Bench Accounting, which in just a few years has grown from a few founders to a team of 300.

Thank you to Kimberly and Emily for the informative and dynamic session as well as everyone who came out! For more event photos, check out this album on our Facebook Page.

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