Pitch & Chat with Joshua Lopour & Kyle Campbell (Retsly /Zillow)

This week at our Pitch & Chat, we had two guest mentors:

  • Joshua Lopour (Prev. GM at Zillow, Co-founder at Retsly acq. by Zillow, Co-founder at AppLabz)
  • Kyle Campbell (Core Team at FeathersJS, Advisor at Finn.ai, Prev. Co-founder / CTO at Retsly acq. by Zillow, Prev. GM at Zillow)

How does it work? We have 5 pitchers who come prepared with a customer or investor pitch. They have 3 minutes to present. The pitches will be timed and slides are optional. After each pitch, the audience provides 5 minutes of feedback critiquing the presentation style (body language, tone, volume, flow of presentation) or the business (product market fit, team, strategy).

Thanks to everyone who came out and Joshua and Kyle for sharing their expertise!

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