Announcing Launch Academy's New Logo

Today, we're introducing a new logo that reflects the changes that we've gone through in the last three years. In the past three years, Launch Academy has grown from a small co-working environment to Western Canada's leading tech incubator. We've incubated over 350 companies who have collectively raised over $45 million dollars and created more than 500 jobs for the local economy. We are very proud of these success metrics, and we want to congratulate all our alumni and current members for achieving these great milestones. 

Our new branding takes us back to our fundamental color: orange. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow to produce passion, creativity and determination. We have seen our entrepreneurs displaying these qualities over and over again. Orange is also engrained in our history, and reflects our commitment to launching companies into the stratosphere.

To celebrate our recent milestones, we present to you this new look. Hopefully when you see our logo, it will remind you of the energy and passion that our entrepreneurs have shown to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.