Why you should apply for a $500 WitKit scholarship for LEP

Shows and movies like Dragon’s Den and The Social Network have made it a lot ‘cooler’ to be an entrepreneur these days, but the truth of the matter is that building your own business is so much more than coming across an amazing algorithm while chugging beer one late night. 

At Launch Academy, you might overhear terms like “product market fit”, “customer validation”, and “CAC” (customer acquisition cost) being thrown around on a daily basis and it’s not a coincidence - our members are hard at work trying to understand if the problems they are trying to solve are just something interesting, or an actual business. 

That’s one of the main reasons we started our Lean Entrepreneurship Program, to help those who are curious to understand if their idea can be a real business. In the 5 week course, we take your ideas through the gauntlet, and force you to get out of your basement and start finding out who your potential customers might be, and whether you actually have a market to create a business around your idea. 

We’re happy to announce that one of Vancouver’s very own startups, Witkit has offered two $500 scholarships to our LEP program for this upcoming cohort starting March 24th, 2015. To apply for one of these , simply tell us in your what your idea is and why you deserve to win.

More details on LEP, including a full syllabus, visit our program page.