Latest Perks! 50% off Typeform's Pro Plan!

Customer validation is essential in the early stages of life for a startup. A well-crafted survey can make a world of difference when it comes to the number of responses you’ll receive from potential consumers. But, how do you create that “WOW” factor when you’re a one-man show?

We’ve become big fans of Typeform around the office, a cloud-based application providing user-friendly and engaging surveys for both the creator and end user.

Typeform has allowed us here at Launch Academy to create attractive, easy-to-navigate surveys for our members and community alike.

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Cool features

Awesome UI/UX design-- The user experience is one of the best we’ve seen to date for both the survey-creator AND end-user. Surveys look great on both web and mobile, and design of questionnaires is pretty much effortless.


Analytics-- Typeform also lets you take a peek inside the behaviours of your audience. Their integrated analysis tools allow you to learn about user and device response time, and create equally as attractive reports to better understand how your clientele is responding to your surveys.

Identity-friendly-- Tweak your survey to make it look like your own in-house designers crafted it for you! You can add your own branding materials and create the unique feel of your company to all of your forms--super helpful when you're trying to acquaint your clientele with your brand.

Great User Response-- Typeform creates intriguing, eye-catching, and stimulating surveys that actually make people want to complete them. Our survey engagement increased significantly when we used Typeform, often followed by emails from our members asking where we found this cool survey tool!

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The  Typeform family found out how much we loved using them, and now they’ve kindly offered all Launch Academy members 50% off their Pro plan for 12 months.

A big thank you to Typeform for the love, we can’t wait to share with the rest of our LA family!