The Lean Entrepreneur Program- Week Three Recap

John Gray is back again recapping the third week of our Lean Entrepreneur Program! Check it out below. Week 3 of the Lean Entrepreneur Program highlighted an afternoon bonus class, and a surprise evening guest speaker.

For both LEP participants and Launch Academy members, we had Ryan Engley, Unbounce’s Director of Customer Success share 90 minutes of great insights into the art and science of landing pages. Engley set the tone with his first slide quoting Ben Yoskovitz, "customers don’t care how you get things done – just that you get it done and solve their pain."

He reminded everyone that startups are experiments, and every entrepreneur needs to ask "should this product be built?" not "can this product be built?" Engley also  reinforced that a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of your “product” that maximizes validated learning for the least amount of effort.

It was great seeing a couple of Unbounce landing pages being built and improved upon by the end of the session. Appreciating the impact that well crafted landing pages can make in the process of testing, measuring and iterating proved invaluable for everyone. It certainly means a lot to the LA community having the resources and Unbounce team’s support behind us.

A big part of being an early stage entrepreneur is appreciating the newness of the everything. It’s also about knowing that there’s so much you just don’t know. Theory is new, practice is new, and most people in the startup community are new, so it was interesting being in a room full of newbies not knowing who our guest speaker was.

After 45 minutes of no BS talk about startup life challenges and some Q&A, everyone with the LEP was left with the lasting impression that Mike Edwards is a difference maker. Edwards shared stories of personal success and failure. It was a quiet, and a hanging on to his every word experience.


I was even caught a little off guard with him sharing thoughts about the LX Ventures debacle and it’s subsequent repositioning. Strength of character and resolve is most telling. Going back to re-establish something of value, and communicate with the people he felt had been let down, is what the rookies needed to hear. No tail between the legs, or skulking away to the quiet confines of Whistler. Lick the wounds, and get on with it.

Edwards also left everyone thinking about the most important lesson of week three. It wasn’t pitching to investors; wasn’t the fact that revenue generating businesses catch his attention; nor the fact he sees a wealth of amazing business opportunities out there for those who prepare themselves well for success; while all noteworthy, it was the word balance that resonated.

The lesson of a life in balance matters the most. Treat yourself right. Eat right, exercise and keep fit, sleep, and give your undivided attention to the most important people in life. Turn off the startup brain when you’re with kids, spouses, family, and friends. While the startup is your life, the odds are it will be a fleeting experience. You need a life. It’s all you have. There are no do overs.