Announcing Our Latest Perks From car2go!

We’re super excited to announce that all Launch Academy members will now have the chance to reap the benefits of a car2go membership!


A huge staple in the YVR community (you’ve probably seen their blue and white  vehicles all over the city), car2go is a carsharing organization designed to complement multiple forms of transportation including cycling, walking, transit, and station-based carsharing services. Offering members rates by the minute and the ability to make one-way trips, pay as they go, and end a trip almost anywhere, car2go is one of the most convenient transportation options in Vancouver (no reservations required, just jump in and go!).

Now, all Launch Academy members will receive FREE registration (normally priced at $35+ tax), as well as 60 minutes of driving, regardless of whether they’re a new or existing car2go member.

Fast, easy, and convenient, car2go is perfect for providing cost-efficient and eco-friendly ways for our entrepreneurs to get around the city (and, more importantly of course, get to our office!).

A huge thank you to car2go for making it that much easier for us to #GSD!  If you want to learn more about what they do, check out their website here.


Think this is a sick perk? Maybe you should check out our website or apply for a membership. We’re pretty fun.