Mission Accomplished! Loyaltee’s #100FreeLunches Campaign A Success!

As the holidays fast approach, the spirit of giving (especially to those in need) becomes a hot topic in Gastown. So, we were super proud to see one of our newest LA additions, Loyaltee make the most of the season last week as they partnered with such Gastown favourites as Lamplighter, Rainier Provisions, Salty Tongue, Vera’s Burger Shack, and Blenz to give away 100 free lunches to people across Gastown.

1184918_608936799151369_206701600_nAnd, for every lunch redeemed, they committed to feeding a person in need this holiday season.

A mobile app that rewards its members for shopping and dining at the places that they already visit, Loyaltee’s #100FreeLunches campaign was an easy way for people to experience what it’s like to use the app, as well as have a little fun during the hectic holiday season.


“The best part is that, just for redeeming a free lunch, people got to give back to the Gastown community, ” noted Loyaltee founder Sanjeeth Cordeiro.

“We were able to build relationships and get buy-ins from [some] key businesses. We also [obtained] a few early adopters to give the app a try and give some valuable feedback,”

And most importantly, “we were able to feed 100 lunches to the less fortunate which feels good by itself.”

Next up for Sanjeeth and Loyaltee? The same for any entrepreneur-- iterating and pushing forward.

A huge congrats to Sanjeeth and Loyaltee on a successful campaign! Check out their app here and follow them on Twitter here to check out their latest news and giveaways!

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 This is a post by Jackie Murchison. Jackie is CommUnicorn for Launch Academy. Follower her on Twitter: @JackieMurchison.