Want to know what goes down at LA? Check out our FAQs!

We get a lot of questions here at LA, some standard some…not so much. Whether you’re looking to become a member or just want to learn more about how we run the show around here, check out the answers to some of our most frequently pondered questions:



 Is Launch Academy a co-working space?

No. While we do provide hotdesks for full-time and part-time members, Launch Academy is a startup incubator with a program entailing mentorship, peer learning, and networking events provided to members to build their startups successfully.

 What’s the difference between GrowLab and Launch Academy?

Launch Academy and GrowLab share the same office and several resources, but they are two separate entities. Launch Academy is a not-for-profit incubator for very early-stage tech startups with no fixed program. GrowLab is a for-profit, formal three-month accelerator program for a select number of later-stage startups.

 I’m looking for my technical co-founder, is Launch Academy the place to do it?

No. We totally understand that it’s a pain in the you-know-what to find a technical co-founder in Vancouver, but Launch Academy is reserved for those who have already found their developer and who are actively building a startup.

 I want a tour, how do I get one?

Email info@launchacademy.ca to book a tour with one of our awesome staff members.

 What are your operating hours?

8:30-7pm Monday through Friday. If you are a full-time member however, you may be eligible for FOB privileges, which would give you 24-hour access to the office.

 Can external parties rent out the office for events?

If the event is tech-related, these will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We do not rent out the office for non-tech events.

 I have a hardware-based startup, can I become a Launch Academy member?

Most likely not. Unfortunately we have limited capacity and cater primarily to software-based tech startups.

 Why is your logo a rocket ship?

Because rocket ships are awesome.




Which membership is right for me?

If you are a very early-stage startup (i.e. still building your MVP, still in the ideation phase, etc), we would recommend applying for an associate membership. This option is also the best option for those who already have an office or prefer working at home. For those with a day job or who aren’t available until the evenings to work on their startup, we recommend a part-time membership (the equivalent to full-time membership, but after 6pm). And, for those who have a solid idea (i.e. an MVP, a working company name, a technical co-founder, etc) who would most benefit from learning from fellow entrepreneurs at a similar stage, we would recommend applying for a full-time membership.

 Do I have to sign a contract when I become a member?

Nope! We operate our memberships on a month-to-month basis.

 What kind of perks come with a Launch Academy membership?

Aside from hanging with some supersexy entrepreneurs, we have special partnerships with entities such as HootSuiteUnbounceAmazon Web Services SendGrid, and more who all offer our Launch Academy members special perks or discounts (i.e. $1000 in AWS credits) when they become members. Straight. Up.

 Do I get my own desk with my membership?

No. All of the Launch Academy desks are hotdesks, meaning nobody receives an assigned seat. Find a spot that’s free and put ‘er in park!

 How long is the Launch Academy program?

Launch Academy doesn’t have a "formal" program. We provide multiple mentor sessions, peer learning sessions, networking, and community events, however there is no definitive “end” to the program (aka as long as you are progressing with your startup while you’re with us, you can stay for as long as you like).

 What will you need from me if I become a member?

During your time with us, we may ask for some general statistical information about your startup for government applications, etc. This information (unless otherwise stated) will remain confidential.

 Can you help me obtain investment for my startup?

Yes and no. We’re happy to make introductions through our own networks if appropriate, but we’re here to facilitate organic intros and discussions through networking and community events.

 Does Launch Academy take equity in my startup?

Nope! Launch Academy is not-for-profit and does not take equity from any of its startups.

 Okay, so you don’t take equity. What gives?

Our goal is to help YOU build your startup and to propel you forward when ready, whether that means helping you get accepted into an accelerator program (GrowLab or otherwise), making an intro to your next investor, or helping you find a new potential business partner.  As much as we love you, we don’t want to keep you here.

 Will Launch Academy get me into GrowLab?

No. While being a part of Launch Academy will expose you to the GrowLab cohort and their executive team, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will jumpstart your acceptance into the accelerator program.

 Are you guys any fun?

Uh, obvs. At least once a month, we try to host get-togethers and socials to help our members get to know each and chill out after a long day. We’re also notorious for Halo throwdowns, foosball tournaments, and the occasional semi-violent chess game ;)



Who’s hangin’ in the space?

Launch Academy shares the office with a number of different bodies, including

 Can I bring my pet goldfish?

Yes. BUT, you are responsible for the behaviour of said goldfish. Launch Academy is a dog-friendly office and any rabid fish attacks on any of the canines will be on the hands of the owner.

 Will you feed me?

Uh…feed yourself? On occasion we will host socials or special events where leftovers are aplenty, but otherwise…forage for your own food, mates.

 Do you have a fax machine that I can use?

…it’s the 21st century, bro.

 How hard do you guys YOLO on weekends?

 Maybe you should apply for a membership with us and find out….



Didn't answer your questions? Email us at info@launchacademy.ca