Tangoo: Their Pivot, And What's To Come

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty lazy. Like, the “if-I-can’t-reach-the-remote-I’m-not-changing-the-channel” kind of lazy. So obviously, the last thing that I want to do is coordinate a Friday night out with the girls (hence why I’m also all caught up on my Dr Phil reruns). Luckily, for people like me, there’s Tangoo. Addressing the problem of Vancouver being a “no-fun” city, Tangoo provides tailored nights out where everything is taken care of (locations, menus, tax, tip, etc)—you just show up.  Featuring special menu items from some of Vancouver’s hottest restaurant gems, Tangoo gives you the chance to explore the Vancouver nightlife, whether you’re looking to meet new people, have a hassle-free night out with friends, or both.Tango-Logo

Tangoo has been gaining some serious traction in the past six months. After more than doubling their partners to 50+ restaurants around the downtown peninsula, the team has been covered on over 18 local and national media publications, including stints with CBC Radio, CTV, Global TV, and Shaw TV.

And their latest achievement? Knocking the socks off our judges and winning our Launch Academy Pitch Day on August 28th.

So with such an awesome streak of successes, you can imagine how surprised we were when CEO Paul Davidescu introduced Tangoo’s plans to pivot some major features last month.

Revealing a new, Songza-esque platform, Tangoo is switching gears to address the spontaneity that comes with making plans with friends on short notice— now, instead of just attending preset event dates, you will be able to tell Tangoo’s online system your mood and what you feel like doing on any given day, and in return, they will generate specific packages to satisfy your needs.Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.47.21 PM

These changes clearly having been boding well for Paul and his Tangoo family, prompting them to now be sent on a whirlwind of other pitch competitions and gain some killer coverage from even more media hubs around the Lower Mainland.

So, why the pivot?

“We came to the harsh realization that people are too spontaneous and dislike commitment, so for us to solely rely on a micro-events business model that's tied to specific calendar date and times is risky business.” explains Paul.

“We looked at companies like Songza, Sosh, and Uber and picked up on the concierge pattern that caters to fitting peoples’ moods and spur of the moment action. When we linked Tangoo to this, it made a lot of sense to maneuver our services to do the same. Plus, everyday access is huge for convenience and scalability-- leaving it up to just events limits you.”

But don’t fear, current Tangooers, they aren’t changing completely:

“We're still going to run our Tangoo Open Nights where you can meet other awesome people, but when you want to keep it with say, just you and your girlfriend or within a group of friends, a curated Tangoo experience will be ready for you.”

So what’s in store for the coming months?

“Building our new "social concierge in your pocket" platform will be our biggest task” says Paul. “We're very excited to test it out with live dates and small groups*. We also already have a very healthy restaurant partner list, which we want to utilize beyond our bi-weekly events as they all have so much to offer! And, for our open networking nights we're going to work a lot on properly theming them to singles, industry professionals, and newcomers.”

Launch Academy has been super stoked to have Tangoo join our team, therefore we had to ask Paul— has his time here been worth it?

photo (5)“Launch Academy has added a tremendous amount of value. Being able to set up my developers face-to-face with someone from Facebook for an hour or be connected with people like Leonard Brody and Mike Edwards keeps motivation levels high.”

“We've also been able to meet some fantastic entrepreneurs in the space whose products we use right now! KarmaHire has been crucial for hiring and we're currently using VoltageCRM to keep track of sales and CRM work. We've also created some great partnership with companies like Picatic, and thanks to the Battlefy guys it's impossible not to leave the office with a chuckle and a big smile. We're happy to report that Launch Academy stays very true to its name.”

…and we’re happy that Tangoo gives us discounts. <3


*if you are interested in being a beta tester for Tangoo’s new platform, email paul@tangoo.ca


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This is a post by Jackie Murchison. Jackie is Community Coordinator at Launch Academy. Follow her on Twitter @JackieMurchison