Amazon Web Services, We Heart You

Being a Launch Academy member is pretty sweet. People I bring to the space are stoked when I start bragging about our killer mentors, networking opportunities, and sweet office space. The best part though? Feeling like Billy Mays when I say, “but wait, there’s more!”.

Yes, believe it or not, in addition to these awesome features, Launch Academy also offers loads of, shall we say, “less visible” perks to our startups--one being Amazon Web Services.


Amazon’s goal is to deliver the best, most scalable, and most efficient technologies to their customers. Even cooler, they’ve been stellar partners with Launch Academy-- offering our members a $1000 credit for more than twenty different products and services that companies can use to better build their businesses.

“Jackie, tell me more!”, you say. Well alright, don’t twist my arm.

 About Amazon Web Services

Everything that Amazon offers helps businesses of any size to stay lean, scale with ease, and lower costs. With on-demand access to a range of Cloud services, AWS eliminates the need for costly hardware, meaning companies can set up their infrastructure in minutes (not months). AWS also provides super easy ways to distribute content to ender users and scale your company based on demand.

And the best part? You only pay for the resources that you use.

 So, In Short, Thanks Amazon

Thanks for being so cool. Thanks for adding value to our startup community. And, most importantly, thanks for helping Launch Academy Get Sh!t Done. You rock.


If you would like the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest startup minds that Vancouver has to offer please consider a Launch Academy membership.

This is a post by Jackie Murchison. Jackie is Community Coordinator at Launch Academy. Follow her on Twitter @JackieMurchison